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I wanted to share some of the fics that I really loved. What I'll be posting here are fics that made my heart flutter, or my soul ache, or my body double down from laughters. I tend to read about all pairings, but I'm very picky about stories with some of them. Plus, I'm obviously going to read more fics about my favourite ships, so I apologise for a possible lack of variety.

Please note:
+ The order is alphabetic.
+ A star means that that fic was written for me.
+ Where either the genre, warnings or summary weren't provided, I tried to fill those fields myself. (For summaries, I took the first sentence of the fic.)
+ This list is leisurely updated (read: when I remember to), so please do come back to see what was added in the meantime. (Last update: 2017.04.21)
+ If you find any mistakes, please don't hesitate to tell me.

Aimiya (Aiba/Nino)

-Additional Requests by spacewhistler
AU, Friendship. G.
Summary: Apparently, Domino’s Pizza is offering an additional request for any pizza delivery. Nino makes the most of it.

-In the Parlance of our Times by whenyoudesertme
Fluff, Crack. PG-13.
Summary: "It's Aiba-chan," Nino said. "I have called this meeting in order to discuss certain measures I may find necessary to implement where he is concerned." Nino weasels Sho into helping him woo Aiba.

-Lasting Emotions by zero_shichi
AU, Romance, Fluff. R.
Summary: Nino only watches Aiba's back. But accidents happen, and it brings them closer.

-Seaside Kiss by koi_choshi
Romance, Fluff. PG.
Summary: Aiba suddenly drags Nino to the beach to celebrate his latest achievement. But both get more than just an impromptu vacation.

-Sunless Eyes, Look Up by flitterfly5
AU, Fantasy, Romance. PG-13.
Summary: Nino doesn’t know what colors are and Aiba doesn’t know what sounds are. They spend their days collecting laughter into glass jars and soaking colors of the sunrise into little sponges. All for a mysterious Sensei who has the power to fix them.

-We sing a toast under the midnight sky by shadow_kick
Romance, Angst. PG.
Summary: It will last, because you marked us on that fateful day.

Junba (Jun/Aiba)

-50 notes to say I'm sorry by astrangerenters
Romance, Comedy, slight Angst. NC-17.
Summary: Theirs was not the most thrilling saga, but to Jun, Aiba was the “guy that got away.” And then the “guy that got away again.” And then ”the guy that got away again…again.” But perhaps this time will be different…

-Confluence by floweranza
Drama, Smut. NC-17.
Summary: It's become kind of a given (a funny Arashi inside joke) that no matter where you go in your private time, there's a good chance of Aiba being there.

-cute by machibouke
Romance, Angst. R.
Summary: When Aiba Masaki once thought Matsumoto Jun was very cute - and still does.

-Extra Virgin by polyesterflame
Smut. NC-17.
Summary: Aiba likes Jun's apron.

-What If by maiaide
Angst, Romance. NC-17.
Summary: He’s lost count of the number of girls who have crossed the threshold of the apartment he shares with Jun, lost count of the times he’s lain awake listening to the creak of the bed frame, sighs and moans, muffled by walls.

-Would You Mind if I Stay? by reversemirror
Romance. PG-13.
Summary: Aiba makes a visit to Jun's apartment after accepting his new acting role.

Juntoshi (Jun/Ohno)

-A Convenient Arrangement by learashi
Office AU, Romance. NC-17.
Summary: Jun is puzzled when his usually stern boss Ohno orders him to accompany him on a weekend business trip to Okinawa. He soon realizes that the older man may have an ulterior motive behind the invitation.
My comment (could be spoiler):Fake dating will always get to me, and this HAS IT. What I loved: Ohno being a jerk boss, Jun as his subordinate, Ohno asking him to be his fake boyfriend, Jun being insecure about his crush, Ohno teaching Jun how to dance, both of them having their wine, semi-public sexy times against Ohno's car, Ohno being bossy in every sense, and them both just being fluffy as hell.

-An Artistic Viewpoint by learashi
Romance. NC-17.
Summary: Satoshi muses on his relationship with Jun while sketching him.

-Bound & Given by negai3104
AU, Romance, Angst, Friendship. NC-17.
Summary: Ohno never expected that he would find his soulmate at 36. Jun never expected that his soulmate would be another alpha.
Warning: Alpha/Beta/Omega verse, a brief panic attack, heat suppressant pill abuse, barebacking, and Jun being an idiot.

-Summer Cold by lilly0
Romance. PG-15.
Summary: Ohno loves all the seasons, loves all colors, and his bandmates. Due to happenings in the past he is particularly protective over one of them though. Everything seems to be going smoothly recently, then however he develops that tight feeling in his chest and stomach. He believes it comes from a summer cold...

Matsumiya (Jun/Nino)

-At Your Service by lover_youshould
PWP. NC-17.
Warning: kinks include service, orgasm denial, and power exchange.
Summary: When Jun thinks he's done something wrong, he goes to Nino.

-Easy as a Backflip by primroseshows
Romance. NC-17.
Summary: Jun met Nino at a very young age. For many years afterwards, he would walk a very fine line of regret for that.

-Taking it to the grave by doctoggy
Angst. PG-13.
Summary: In a world where everyone has a soulmate, you would not think it would be so hard to find them. But the powers that bind souls are powerful, and unduly influencing a bonding with confessions of being soulmates was strictly forbidden. Jun had long since known that his friend and business partner Nino was his soulmate, but Nino professed not to believe in love, and reminds Jun constantly that he has no need of a soulmate. So what it Jun to do when this very fact may cost him his life?
Warnings: minor character death, lots of talk of illness, suffering, comas and almost dying.

Ohmiya (Ohno/Nino)

-Easy Crazy Break Down by rikke-leonhart
Romance. PG.
Summary: How Ohno and Nino break Jun's brain over the years. Ohmiya as seen through Jun's eyes.

-Narrowing In by floweranza
Romance. PG-13.
Summary: Nino has always been hard to understand, but Ohno is determined to figure him out.

-Then (R) & When (NC-17) by oviparous
AU, Drama, Romance, Fantasy, Sci-fi.
Warning: descriptions of terror and death (in Then)
Summary: To forensics specialist Ohno Satoshi, the past is as much a place as it is a time, and it’s the only place where Nino exists.

Sakumiya (Sho/Nino)

-curiosity by theproudpenguin
Romance, Comedy. R.
Summary: Sho frowned, opening the magazine again at the page where Nino's face appeared. “I think it’s better if my marriage partner is a female. Though ultimately, it has nothing to do with the sex/gender.” You said that.

-Here's My Hello by jackie
AU, Romance. PG.
Summary: Aspiring musician seeks roommate to share painfully tiny apartment at ridiculously high rate. Domestic skills a plus. Students and trust fund babies welcome. No pets or kids. E-mail me at for info.

-MORPG (Forget the Massive) by taykash
AU, Comedy, Romance. PG.
Summary: Jun wants to make Nino be a presentable human, but he can only go one step at a time.

Sakumoto (Sho/Jun)

-All Roads by floweranza
Romance, Angst. PG-13.
Summary: Five years later, Jun can say he owes who he is to Sakurai Sho.

-Blind Date by lilly0
Romance. PG.
Summary: When Jun goes to a blind date on Christmas Eve, he hasn't expected to meet Sho.

-Halcyon Days by spacewhistler
Romance, Fluff, Humour. R.
Summary: This is the story of Jun, the shameless young playboy and Sho, his pretend boyfriend paid to keep the clingy ladies off his back for good.

-My Life is My Message by arashiforyou
AU, Drama, Romance. PG.
Summary: The year is 2017. Sakurai Sho is a famous novel writer and singer, and the youthful college student Jun is his biggest fan and apprentice. One day Sho asked him one favor, "You must stop me from writing." Suddenly, Jun is sent back in time to the year 2007. Whatever could Sho mean?

-Red String of Fate by arashiforyou
Romance, Drama. PG-13.
Summary: Jun is having amazing realistic dreams of him and Sho as a student and teacher. With such a luring and forbidden love blossoming in his sleep, it's tempting Jun to confess one more time.

-The Happy Fairy Princes Café by astrangerenters
Comedy, Romance, Fluff. PG.
Summary: In between jobs, Sho agrees to help out at the cafe where his friend works. But his friend fails to mention that he will be expected to do a lot more than just wait tables.

Sakuraiba (Sho/Aiba)

-5 times Sho woke up with Aiba in his bed, when the were on tour (Fluffy vers.) by theproudpenguin
Romance, Fluff, Comedy. PG-13.
Summary: One night, during their first tour, Sho woke up in his hotel room with Aiba staring down at him. Those huge eyes were beautiful from afar, but when situated at actually three centimetres from your face when you less expect it, it can become scary and make you do things like scream and hit. In a manly way.

-5 times Sho woke up with Aiba in his bed, when the were on tour (Smutty vers.) by theproudpenguin
Romance, Smut, Angst. R.
Summary: He was barely twenty when it happened, but he could still remember every detail as clear as if it had happened the day before.

-Let's Make the best of it: #3. 99 Red Balloons by shadow_kicks
Romance. PG.
Summary: Aiba has 100 red balloons in various shades, shapes and sizes.

-A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes & Once Upon a Summer by harinezumi_kun
Romance, light Angst. PG-13.
Summary: Some people say Sho has no imagination. Sho begs to differ.

-easier that way by theproudpenguin
Angst. R.
Summary: "It's because it's easier, you know?" the words were slurred, the rim of a beer bottle on his lips, gaze lost on the coffee table's pattern. "It has always been easier that way."

-island dreaming by augustfai
Romance, Angst. PG-13.
Summary: When Sho goes to Hawaii for two months, he writes the rest of Arashi letters to keep in touch. But the ones for Aiba are a little different than the rest...

-Never Again by theproudpenguin
Angst, Romance. NC-17.
Summary: Aiba had never considered himself gay. He liked sex with men, but he promised himself he would never fall in love with one. Until Sho happened.

-Upside Down by aridseas
AU, Romance. PG.
Warning: Student-teacher AU
Summary: The relationship between Aiba Masaki and Sakurai Sho was just a little more complicated than your average teacher and student. (Juuust a little.)

-With you, it's easy by theproudpenguin
Sakuraiba, one-sided Sakumoto. Romance, Drama. PG-13.
Summary: Love, realisations, will they survive it?

-Your Love Song (G) & Maybe If... (PG) by maiaide
Angst, Romance.
Summary: Aiba's confession breaks him.

-Yours is the only vote that counts by silver_crystall - written for me for the 2016-17 [ profile] shoexchange
AU, Romance. NC-17.
Summary: With Sho falling behind in the election campaign for becoming Tokyo's mayor, Jun, his assistant, has to think of a way to make him more popular with the voters. How about having him announce that he has a boyfriend?
My comment (could be spoiler):This fic has everything I love from Sakuraiba and fanfictions: oblivious Sho, Sho in denial, Aiba as a normal human being who's not a moron, fake dating, ~Sakumoto friendship~, Aimiya friendship, protective Nino, Kaze trio friendship, Sho and his baby nephew, FAKE DATING, the most beautiful first time sex ever, Sho's naked back, butt and shoulders, great emotional writing, Aiba as an actor, an heartwarming story overall, Sho slowly accepting his love for Aiba, and a beautiful ending. Oh, and fake dating. Did I already say that?

Tennen (Ohno/Aiba)

-Correction by piggywhale
Drama, Angst. R.
Summary: The signs are always there but Aiba never notices.

-Drawing the Line by dictionarysays
Romance, Fluff. PG-13.
Summary: Ohno likes to think he'll draw the line at kissing first thing in the morning from here on out.

-Make a miracle! by lilly0
Romance. PG-13.
Summary: “You are the miracle boy of the group, aren’t you?” he smiles. “Then make a miracle!"

-Sunbeams and Mirrors by natsunonamae
Romance, Fluff. PG-13.
Summary: He was sweating bucket-loads—Aiba sweated like nobody’s business most of the time, but practicing underneath a midday sun was a whole different ball game.

Yama (Ohno/Sho)

-Like Lighters in the Dark by neko_kirin3104
Fluff. PG-13.
Summary: Theirs is not an ideal first meeting, but first impressions hardly ever last. Fictional re-imaginings of some of the Yama Pair moments that may have been or might yet be.

-Mutual Understanding by auburn_witch
Romance. PG-13.
Summary: Ohno doesn't talk much. Sho doesn't care. As time goes by, love changes their lives.

-Sho: The Wedding Planner by rikke-leonhart
Comedy, Romance. PG.
Summary: Sho, one of the best up and coming wedding planners, will organize this damn wedding if it’s the last damn thing he’ll ever do.

-Something More Precious Than Words by addierabudabu
Drama, Fluff, Romance. PG-13.
Summary: Ohno was never good with words,but sometimes, he was willing to try.

-(Advent Calendar Day 11) Untitled by yukitsubute
Romance. PG-13.
Summary: Sho doesn't know what present he shall make Ohno for their first Christmas together.
My comment (could be spoiler):
Yama, Junba and brotp Sakuraiba in one cute drabble! All the fluffy feels at Sho's frustration because he needs to find a great gift for his boyfriend.

Sho/Aiba/Jun (in any combination)

-Bad by grayscale
Sakuraiba, Junba. Angst. R/NC-17.
Warning: cheating
Summary: Sho's love for Aiba wouldn't exactly be a problem... if Aiba weren't already in another relationship. And if Sho weren't sleeping with Aiba while Aiba is still in another relationship.

-But Are You Happy?
OT3. Romance. R.
Warning: crossdressing
Summary: The sound of breathy laughter over a grating, electropop backing track is the first sign of trouble when Jun opens the door to Aiba’s apartment.

-Cherry Blossom Bonfire & Cherry Blossom Bonfire, two weeks later by aridseas
Sakuraiba, Junba. AU, Romance, Angst. R.
Warning: dub-con
Summary: Masaki and Jun are two young men unfortunate enough to be born into a place where only women of the Shogun are allowed to reside. Raised from birth to be female to avoid detection and certain death, they simply wanted to pass each day peacefully at the Ooku, but a chance encounter with Sakurai Sho turns their little world upside down.

-Dancing on my Own by Draco_Rattus
Sakumoto, one-sided Sakuraiba. Angst. PG.
Summary: Aiba Masaki has been in love with Sakurai Sho for as long as he can remember, but it's hard to pretend you're not breaking when your heart has been shattered in two.

-The Door to Heaven by koi_choshi
OT3. Fluff, Humour, PWP. NC-17.
Summary: Aiba knocked on the door of his new roommate and he didn’t know that he was in for a an unexpected ride.
Warning: polyamory
My comment (could be spoiler):Just the fact that it has my favourite OT3 says it all, but this has my favourite OT3 and an oblivious Aiba being played by both Sho and Jun. It's just hilarious to think how Aiba is being played into the whole thing (oh, but he isn't shy about it either, the old fox) and how their whole relationship comes to life. Also this has sexual innuendos (gotta love those puns), Sakumoto bossing Aiba around, Sho in a wet t-shirt, Aiba misunderstanding stuff, and Junba fluff. And Sho telling Aiba he's a good boy. I will always be weak to that.

-erase and rewind by waxrose
Junba, Sakumoto (one-sided). Romance, Angst. PG-13.
Summary: The past informs the present.

-This Year's Sakura by mylittlecthulhu
Sakumoto, Sakuraiba. Angst, Drama, Romance. G.
Summary: Sho only half heard the noises going on as the crew wrapped up the photo-shoot.

Sho/Aiba/Nino (in any combination)

-Bleed by koi_choshi
Aimiya, Sakuraiba (implied). Angst. PG-13.
Warning: character death
Summary: Blue for family, black for enemies, gray for acquaintances who would somehow leave a mark in your life. Green is for your closest friends and red, red is for the person whom you will love. But what happens when you forcefully break the red one?

-Doing it right by oviparous
Aimiya, (past) Sakuraiba. Angst, Romance. NC-17.
Summary: With his last dregs of sobriety Nino sees the world in an intimidating soft focus.

-The Heart of a Courtesan by flitterfly5
Sakuraiba, Aimiya. Romance, Angst, Historical (kinda.) R.
Summary: He ran away from the pleasure house. He told himself he would never go back to Sho, the Prince who was always too busy to love him.

-Tangled Up by bubbly
Aiba/Nino/Sho. Romance, PWP. NC-17.
Summary: It’s the third round of Mario Kart before Nino realizes how fast the scotch is working its magic as two Aibas bounce around in front of him, limbs flailing wildly. Nino thinks vaguely that that silly Masaki with his silly hair and his stupid beautiful face was going to hurt someone one of these days.

-Today of All Days by primroseshows
Aiba/Nino/Sho. Sci-fi, Comedy. PG-13.
Summary: Aiba goes time travelling. Aiba goes time travelling.


-fin de saison (the end of summer) by augustfai
Sakuraiba, Ohmiya. AU, Romance, Angst, Friendship. PG.
Summary: Summer vacation means school projects, and through all the snails, paint splatters, basketballs and English essays, the five of them have to learn how to deal with things you could never learn in the classroom.

-Four ways a kiss should be by jade_lil
Matsumiya, Aimiya, Sakumiya, Ohmiya. Romance. R.
Summary: It all goes down to the fact that for Nino, Ohno is an enigma of his own and that even now, even after so long, he still has to spend the majority of his time figuring Ohno out that it almost became an obsession.

-Liminality by floweranza
Junba, Ohmiya, Aiba/Arashi. Drama. NC-17.
Summary: When a simple interview question makes Jun wonder about the meaning of happiness, he realizes that Arashi isn't as happy as he had thought.

-On the Other side of Wings by negai3104
Jun/Ohno/Nino. AU, Romance, Supernatural. PG-13 to NC-17.
Summary: Life is never a dull moment with Jun and his two cute demon boyfriends.

-Red Shift series by mylittlecthulhu
Sakuraiba, Junba, Juntoshi, Aimiya friendship. AU, Friendship, Romance, Angst. PG-13.
Summary: According to his mother, Aiba had become friends with Nino from the first day they met.

-Seasons series by mylittlecthulhu
Sakuraiba, Juntoshi. AU, Romance, Angst. PG.
Summary: Aiba was glad that his mother had let him travel with Nino that summer.

-Tigers, Clams and Half A Heart (part I & part II) by flitterfly5
Ohba, Sakuraiba. Romance, Angst. R.
Summary: Nobody thought Satoshi was capable of understanding things, especially deep things like love.

-Tomodachi & Sefure by antimiya88
One-sided Ohmiya, Sakumiya. Angst, Romance, AU. R.
Summary: Nino met Ohno Satoshi twelve years ago when the latter transferred to his class. From the moment he met him he felt that they shared a similar aura. Little by little, they came closer. Before he knew it, Nino had already fallen in love with him. There was only one problem... Ohno Satoshi was his best friend...

No pairings

-Chronicles of the Storm: For Want of a Ticket by judasfm
Humour. G.
Summary: It's Arashi's first concert and Aiba's determined to get enough tickets for all his friends and family. At last he turns to Nino for help coming up with a plan. What could possibly go wrong?

Surprise pairing(s)

-Curiosity by boblemon
Ohno/? (+ Aiba). Romance, Mystery. NC-17.
Summary: Ohno's interested in having sex with a man, so Aiba sets something up for him.

-The Mission by smile_arigatou
Sho/?. Comedy, Friendship. PG-13.
Summary: Where Nino thinks Sho is gay and Aiba helps.

-The Most Beautiful Bonsai by koi_choshi
Jun/?. Fluff, Fantasy. PG.
Summary: Prince Jun fell in love with a special bonsai.

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Thank you so much for listing my fic! I'm honored :D

Date: 2017-03-12 03:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I get a notification every time someone references my fic in a posting XD And now my life's more settled and I'm back working from home I plan to get back to my Arashi writing ;)

Date: 2017-03-12 03:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You just flooded my email for referencing my fics :D :D But thank you so much for recommending them. (And I just saw your comment about "Door to Heaven". That one will always have a special place in my heart, I don't think I can write anything like it in the future!).

I'll go check out the other fics here that I haven't read. Great list you have here!

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I'm quietly squealing inside, just so you know.

Also, it's jade_lil :D I think the name's missing a letter there XD

thanks for putting that filth I called fic in this list. WAW

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LOL, that's okay. Don't worry about it, seriously. Also, cute? that fic? I don't think I am capable of writing anything that is remotely cute but thanks, wow. :DDDD

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From: [identity profile]
you're not talking about MY fics, are you? Also, I might have to disagree with you right there. Reading it again, I think the kiss Nino shared with Sho was, um, better than the kiss he shared with Ohno (sorry, baby leader, I still love you and Nino together, no offense meant) but that's just me. :D

Date: 2017-03-12 06:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
it's been ages since i've been on LJ. and lo behold my surprise when i get a notif that my fics were on a rec list.
oh this website brings me back! thank you so much! much love ^_^

Date: 2017-03-12 08:36 pm (UTC)
learashi: (Glasses! Jun)
From: [personal profile] learashi
Aww, thanks dear. I loved writing that fic for you. You made me write Juntoshi again after a very long time.
And the other one of mine was the first fic that I was 100% happy with back when I first started writing.
I now have to read the others on your list that I haven't read yet.

Date: 2017-03-12 09:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

wow I didn't expect this LOL. I'm glad you enjoyed reading what I wrote ^^ I didn't expect the OT3 one haha. Thanks for listing my fics <3

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From: [identity profile]
Wow. When I saw the notification linking me to this, I was pleasantly shocked. I'm flattered to be on your fic rec list! Thank you so much! :D

And thank you so much for this recommendation. I will get to reading these soon! x

Date: 2017-03-13 07:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
My dear! I'm sooo happy to find these two fics of mine listed here! ^^
These stories are really sad, I know it, but in the same time they're probably the most 'realistic' ones I've written so far and perhaps that's why they have a special place in my heart!
I'm really glad you enjoyed both of them so much! <3

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